Hope Heard – Blanket ISD – Grade 10


It starts the second you hit the grass. In that second you know.

This is the very last game you will ever play.

Six-Man, funny,

more like “brotherhood”

You have





fell in love

and grown

all on this field.

Since freshman year you have become one with six-man.

And now here you are





are telling you

this is the last chance to show me what you have

flip a coin

run a ball

throw a spiral

and it’s funny

while they say this

they are also saying men don’t cry

but why is it in this moment

when I’m running the ball in the final play of my final game

in the six-man state championship game

I’m shedding a tear of joy in one eye

and sadness in the other.


by Belle Underwood – Richland Springs – Grade 10


Richland Springs…

It isn’t just a town.


It’s K-12.

It’s family and friends.

It’s being there through thick and thin.

Richland springs…

It isn’t just a community.


It’s the Boys of Fall.

It’s mixing it up.

It’s six-man football.

Richland Spring…

It isn’t just a group of uninvolved fans.


It’s blue and white Mohawks.

It’s sequined blue caps.

It’s an array of blue and white.

Richland Springs…

It isn’t just dedication.


It’s hours of film.

It’s summer workouts.

It’s state championships.

Richland Springs…

It isn’t just a place to live.


It’s Fourth of July celebrations at the park.

It’s fundraisers at the feed store.

It’s Saturday afternoon fish fries.

Richland Springs…

It isn’t just a group of people.


It’s Ty Manns

It’s Nash Moorers

It’s J.D. Smiths

Richland Springs…

It isn’t just a place on the map.


It’s Wednesday and Sunday church.

It’s Tuesday night Booster Club.

It’s Monday PTA meetings.

Richland Springs…

It isn’t just cardboard cut-outs.


It’s the bank building with blue stained glass.

It’s the white church with the steeples.

It’s the unique WPA gym.

Richland Springs…

It isn’t just a bunch of buildings.


It’s knowing everyone in the school.

It’s a population of the 338.

It’s a senior class of 5.

Richland Springs…

It isn’t just a place to do nothing.


It’s backroading at night.

It’s hunting in the morning.

It’s fishing in the afternoon.

Richland Springs…

It isn’t just common folks,


It’s former NFL players.

It’s PhDs and Master Degrees.

It’s people who make a difference.

Richland Springs…

It isn’t just another blink-and-miss town.


It’s The Yellow Duck.

It’s The Coyote Café.

It’s The Stagecoach.

Richland Springs…

It isn’t just a town that doesn’t accomplish anything.


It’s owning 6 State six-man football Championships.

It’s National Honor Society.

It’s FFA.

You see,

Richland Springs isn’t just a town.


Richland Springs is my hometown.

Richland Springs is my family.

Richland Springs…






by Riley Smith – Bryson – Grade 11


A blinking light near the corner store,

An old log cabin from days of yore.

A school that’s taller than the rest of the town,

And remains from an old school newly torn down.

Fans at the field on Friday nights,

Together will yell, will cheer, and will cry.

Family and friends now and for ever,

To support each other we will endeavor.

The components that tie us together like glue,

Are our six-man colors of gold and blue.

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